We’ve been voted Best SME Marketing Company in the West Midlands!

As winners of the Corporate Vision Magazines Technology Innovator Award, Aardvark Marketing Consultants Ltd have been recognised as leaders in the West Midlands for Marketing. Almost every aspect of the way we do business has been influenced by recent technological advances. In the field of sales and marketing, these new advances include social media, marketing automation, web tracking and ever more sophisticated CRM and lead scoring systems and processes.
Gill Hutchinson, Co-Director of Aardvark Marketing believes the reason behind Aardvark’s success has been their ability to give customers an edge over their competitors. “As a company we invest heavily in our staff and in new systems and processes. We ‘ve consistently spent over 10% of turnover on innovation, systems and processes. Our broad experience, coupled with knowledge of tried and tested techniques, mean our customers trust us to give them open, honest and impartial advice in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. We make this work to best effect by mixing it with traditional marketing techniques so our customers get the best possible return on their marketing investment. The constant evolution and change in marketing is confusing to business owners with no prior sales and marketing experience; we help them devise and implement marketing that generates good quality sales -ready leads with measurable results”.

“Typically, companies that approach us require a mixture of long term and short term success strategies” says Chris Hutchinson, Co-director at Aardvark. Our thorough diagnostic, or ‘Marketing MOT’, helps our new customers to focus on realistic short term wins whilst starting work on long-term strategies to ensure sustainable success. Usually we work with them over a long period of time, making sure new marketing systems are fully embedded into the culture and systems of our customers. Collaborative working, with customers having access to our shared cloud project management solution ensures everyone has full visibility and accountability for the progress of each project we manage. We use regular face to face meetings to build great working partnerships and deliver tailored training and development”.

Keeping abreast of new developments can be a challenge for SME’s. “Aardvark is an SME company and we’ve always relied ourselves on outsourced specialist advisors when we need to make significant changes in our business, for example in restructuring our IT systems or using new project management tools” said Gill. “It’s a model we know works for small and medium sized companies and we’re happy to provide the outsourced specialist help that many business owners need, including the very latest technological advances.”

Laura Hunter, Awards Co-ordinator at CV Magazine, commented: “This awards programme turns the spotlight on the very best that the technology sector has to offer. It is a true honour to be able to reward the hard work and dedication of all of our deserving winners, and I would like to wish them the best of luck in the future.”
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