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Aardvark Marketing help businesses get better results from their sales & marketing activities. Unlike most marketing agencies, we work as outsourced marketing specialists, so you have access to skilled expertise as and when you need it.

This results in more customers, more sales and most importantly, more profit, without the need to pay a full time member of staff.

Are you doing the odd email campaign here, the odd promotion there, a bit of social media activity when you have the time? Do you know what result you’re getting from each? Have you built a collection of disjointed activities that “seemed like a good idea at the time” but which are falling short of your expectations? Do you feel your marketing agency is letting you down?

If you’re looking for a significant improvement in results from your sales and marketing, why not call us for a free and confidential chat?

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    The Aardvarks turn green!

    Aardvark Marketing directors Chris and Gill Hutchinson have swapped the car for electric bikes, which are both practical and […]

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    Worcester Remade charity in Crowngate shopping centre are expanding

    A new environmental charity, Remade Worcester, has opened a shop in the Friary Walk in Worcester Crowngate shopping centre. […]

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    Even low-level flooding is a nightmare for home owners

    Low level flooding can be caused by a number of events such as heavy rainfall, overflowing rivers or streams. […]

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