‘Tis the season to be planning

I know there are more important things to do at Christmas, but it is also traditionally the time of year when business leaders think about their ambitions for the year about to start.
Seth Godin published an amusing article in his blog earlier this week, entitled “The annual plan construction set” – it’s well worth a read, and I hope you will heed his advice and build a plan without any of that dreadful ‘management speak’!
His main message is to keep plans specific – think of those key questions: when, where, how, why and how much.
Your marketing plan doesn’t need to be over-complicated, a simple calendar of activities, a budget and who is responsible for implementation is usually sufficient.
The tricky bit is sticking to the plan and evolving it as things change. If you return to work after the holidays determined to make 2015 a year of improved marketing and would like some help, please get in touch.
Finally, thank you for reading this and any of our other blogs in 2014. Enjoy the festive season and have a prosperous 2015!