Summer holiday observations

After a hectic week and looking out of the window at pouring rain, I guess the summer holiday season is well and truly over!
I hope you had time to enjoy the heat and sun here in the UK as well as perhaps visiting foreign countries. During our summer trips, despite trying not to think too much about business and marketing, I did make a few observations:
The power of naming – adding grapefruit juice to a glass of rose wine doesn’t really appeal, but when it’s called ‘Pamplemousse syrup’ it seems a much better idea. Oh, and by the way, it does actually taste quite refreshing too.
The value of an efficient process – we travelled to France via the P&O Dover to Calais ferry – if you haven’t tried this route recently, you might like me be amazed at how many vehicles they can get on and off a ferry in such a short space of time. It’s a really slick experience from arriving at the Dover terminal where you are identified by number plate recognition, to exiting at Calais, straight on to the French motorway system.
The unexpected can happen – during the course of our travels we stayed in the Lot Valley, Lyon, Bruges and Cornwall. The only place we didn’t get rained on was Cornwall, despite being there a whole week!
Time for reflection is invaluable – time away from the day to day challenges of my and my client’s businesses gives me time to properly think about what is working, where I need to make improvements, new opportunities and where to invest my time. All I have to do now is put it into practice!
Best wishes,