Research- valuable insight or stating the obvious?

13,000 people surveyed, and the results are in …
… younger adults are more likely to binge drink! Who would have thought it?
Not for the first time I, and I suspect many other people who heard today’s ‘news’ were probably left wondering why it took such a huge and no doubt expensive study to confirm what most of us already knew.
Of greater concern is the possibility that studies such as these make people sceptical about the value of research.
At it’s best research can be and should be genuinely insightful – presenting a new perspective on customers, competitors and other markets that opens our minds to new commercial opportunities our businesses can profitably exploit.
Well-designed research with a clear purpose, followed up with action can play a vital part in ensuring enduring success for any business,and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.
We just need to make sure we don’t spend scarce business cash and time stating the obvious.
Happy learning,