Plan B

I’ve just heard on my radio about the court case that decided that an airline was liable to compensate a passenger stranded in Portugal for a week. This occurred because of the disruption caused across the whole of European airspace to aeroplane schedules due to that unpronounceable volcano eruption in Iceland.
In a second development closer to home today I had a meeting postponed when an unexpected change to a piece of legislation made my fellow attendees realise that this meant their new business development plans would need to be revised.
How often does it happen in your business that external political, environmental, social or tecnological change occurs completely ‘out of the blue’? Or, is it the case that, if we had thought about these possibilities in our planning process, we might be able to move smoothly onto the contingency plan B that we already had mapped out without being blown off course by external events?
What’s your contingency plan?
Wishing you sucess in your business development