Perfection is not a necessity on the road to success…

While watching Wimbledon over the previous few weeks, I have been reflecting on the match statistics and what they showed us. One of the statistics in tennis is unforced errors – in other words mistakes.
We tend to, in our modern day society, place undue emphasis on perfection. From the fatless airbrushed physiques of the fashion models to the “everyone-is-a-winner” sports days at school. We have forgotten the beauty of the lopsided smile and we neglect the value of learning from mistakes.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand we need to strive for perfection, but it is the act of striving that makes us successful not the achievement of the perfect 100%.
The Rolex advert in the paper post-Wimbledon shows Roger Federer, the runner-up (loser) in the men’s final, with the words “perpetual grace”. This is a marvellous advert. It captures all those desirable qualities that make up good sportsmanship. It is easy to be a good winner, the real skill lies in being a good loser.
None of the players at Wimbledon achieved 100%, they all made mistakes, even the winners. To quote McKinsey & Company: “Perfection isn’t necessary to capture value.” We need to hold this thought in our marketing.
Yes, we need to aspire to write the perfect copy, create the perfect campaign, be the very best that we can. But we need to except that we may not get it right every time. And whatever we have produced, it only has value once we release it. There is no point waiting until everything is perfect, you will have missed the opportunity, the deadline, the market trend.
Along the road on his quest to perfection Federer has won seven Wimbledon Championships.
Imagine what you can achieve on your quest…
Happy marketing!