“No man is an island…”

The infamous line of the John Donne poem came to mind while I was thinking about the power of unity and the joys of a good team collaboration.
It can be hard working with other people but you will never achieve the results alone that a good team can produce together. We all have people we struggle to get along with, and people whose ideas or methodology sit uncomfortably with our own, but so much in business depends upon teams. If we could focus on one aim for 2016 I think unity would be a powerful one.
In business we bring together different strengths, we need people with differing skill sets and talents. Businesses rely on each other, industries rely on each other and we, as individuals rely on one another. Sometimes we are fighting too hard against each other to remember, so just take a moment and think…

You woke up – probably from an alarm on your phone…someone designed that phone, someone made it in a factory, someone shipped it to a distribution centre, someone priced it, someone completed the paperwork to move it around the world, someone couriered it to a shop, you bought it, you charged it with electricity from your house, built by someone else, powered by someone else…and then you had a coffee…and so I could continue and we are only at 7am.
So the next time you become frustrated by your team, take a moment to reflect on where you would be if you were all alone….

Happy Marketing!