“Like Asda, only cheaper”

Local (Worcester) readers may have spotted an advertisement in the newspapers this week by Aldi highlighting their similarity to Asda – and the key difference! This follows several weeks of heavy advertising by Asda leading up to the opening of their new store on Monday of this week.
It’s a classic example of ‘guerilla marketing’ – turning another brand’s heavy investment to your advantage for a fraction of the cost. There have been many famous examples over the years, quite a few featuring Pepsi and Coca-Cola.
Whenever it happens, debate rages amongst marketeers – is it clever and resourceful, or unethical and damaging to the profession? Well, I’m not going to get drawn in to the debate, but I think there is a good, relevant and valuable parallel for small and medium sized businesses.
If you are a minor player in your market, then it’s likely that the big national or international brands have spent a significant amount over the years in ‘educating’ customers about their products and services. Rather than invest heavily in trying to re-educate your target customers, can you build on what they have done and then add the twist that makes you different and better?
Aldi are letting Asda spend big marketing budgets on educating the grocery shoppers of Worcester that price is important, then just pointing out they do it even better.
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