If you could get your money back…

… what would you stop doing?
We have all probably done things that didn’t work, or at least not as well as we initially hoped, but sometimes it can take us a long time to really accept this and then stop doing them.
Why does this happen? OK sometimes it’s hard to be sure, but often we know deep down, instinctively that something isn’t working and yet we struggle to give up. The investment of time or money can sometimes be a barrier – whether that’s down to our stubbornness, pride or just a determination to get some return on our investment. Maybe it’s just that when we have paid for something it doesn’t feel right to not see it through?
This phenomenon probably applies to most aspects of our business and home life, but for now I’m going to concentrate on marketing. It seems like many business owners and directors persevere with some of their marketing activities way beyond the point at which they know they aren’t really delivering to the level they desire.
So, imagine you could pick any of the many marketing activities you undertake and if you decided to stop it now you would get all the money back that you have spent so far. No quibble, easy as pie, just a nice big bag of cash, a cheque or a BACS transfer.
Which activities would you pick? And what would you do with the time or money you were going to spend on them in the next few months? What could you do instead with that time and money? What would that make possible in your business?
Isn’t that alternative exciting enough to just stop anyway – even if you can’t get your money back?