What if you had to embrace a change culture?

A new season of Formula One motor racing is about to start, and with the Mercedes team showing a big lead on the first day of practice for the first race in Melbourne, it could look like nothing has changed. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.
On behalf of one of my clients I visited the Motorsport Industry Association earlier this week, and while waiting in their reception area I read some of their literature about Formula One.
Part of the brochure I was reading talked about the speed of development in the sport and two statements in particular stood out to me:
It only takes two years for a new concept to become a museum exhibit.
80% of the components of an F1 car in the first race of the season will have been replaced by an improved item by the last race.
In many businesses, there is resistance to change. Slow decision making, reluctance to adopt new processes and systems are common obstacles to implementing new ideas.
Change resistance can be simply a fear of the unknown, and a reluctance to leave our ‘comfort zone’. But in the world of Formula One, there is no option, change is essential and continuous.
If we and our teams had a similar belief about the importance of change in our businesses and truly embraced it, what differences would we see?