Copy, Copy, Copy

Book review: Copy, Copy, Copy by Mark Earls

While I’m tempted to start a review on a book about the delights of copying by simply copying and pasting off Amazon – I won’t. For in reality his message is much more powerful than that.
At its heart it is reminiscent of the “there are only six stories in the world” and “every tune has already been written” lines, so loved by artists. It is a fantastic premise for a marketing book and he explores the concept with thoughtful depth, interspersed with great humour.
I felt that I would have benefitted from having read his previous books, as he does refer back to them, but equally it did not devalue from this book.
The examples of copying added an engagingly human dimension to his arguments. The historical allusions from Darwin to Elvis and Tsar Peter the Great to Shakespeare are fascinating. The list of illustrious copiers it would appear is endless.
I did just sit down and read it in one sitting, so it is eminently readable. However I think it really needs to be used. It is more than just a book, it is a tool. It made me want to discuss it with clients and work through some of the exercises that he provides. I felt motivated by it and inspired to look at things from a different point of view, both of which are excellent outcomes. While it is clear and easy to follow, it does not do your thinking for you.
For me, the chapter on the London riots was the most illustrative and engaging, and really gave me that moment when all his arguments clicked into place.
All in all a book which explores an interesting concept in a thoughtful, engaging way and I suspect will lead to good discussions in the office!
Happy Marketing!