Clarity on Exiting the EU in just one hour

Time is running out for Worcestershire businesses to book a free appointment with a specialist advisor. The program sponsored by Worcester Business Central to provide business owners with bespoke advice about what happens when we leave the EU at the end of December  finishes on 31st March. It’s easy to book, visit and choose a date and time to suit your diary.

If you know that you need to understand the implications of Brexit for your business, or if you are a trusted advisor of clients who need to know (accountant, business coach, HR professional or financial advisor) relief is at hand. Business owners on the program have saved themselves hours of time scrolling through official websites, trying to find advice, for example about tariff codes for their products or regulations about employing EU nationals. What they appreciate is the tailored advice they receive, which saves a lot of time and hassle trying to work it out for yourself.

Whatever the outcome of the trade talks, there are things local businesses can do to prepare right now, which will make the transition at the end of the year easier to manage. If you’d like to spend an hour looking at the specific issues that affect your business and discuss how to approach opportunities for international trade, at no cost to you, book an appointment today.