Book Review: Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi

Even in today’s fast-paced world, there is still a place for books. Especially good books. Content Inc. is one such book. To sit down and read a book makes us focus, and concentrate on how our business is running, rather than simply going through the motions. Content Inc by Joe Pulizzi is a very engaging readable book which will leave you with renewed passion for your existing business or help you to build your business model for your new venture.

His concept is simple. First develop your niche content to build your audience and then sell your product to your eagerly awaiting engaged followers. This is at direct odds to the traditional model of business, which is to design and manufacture or source a product and then spend money marketing and selling it. Pulizzi has taken tradition, turned it upside down, and shaken it out for good measure.

This book has been mainly geared towards the entrepreneur, but the process and lessons which he discusses are equally as applicable for long standing businesses who simply wish to improve their growth.  It is packed full of success stories, with a few examples of failure to provide balance. His message, and indeed morality, seems to be that if you put your mind to it you can achieve whatever you desire.

Pulizzi explains how to create a niche and build yourself a loyal and engaged audience. The process is laid out through six steps and each one is carefully broken down and explained. The examples used are pertinent to the step being discussed so the case studies are relevant and back up his explanation. The examples cover a range of different business models in varying industries from pools and spas to quilting. There are compelling personal insights from other company owners, which add credence to the case studies.

Once you follow his steps, the final step is to monetize your brand. By this point your audience is poised to buy, they already trust you, they already respect you, you have created your pipeline, you have built relationships, and the final step of the sale is suddenly easy.

I found this book really insightful, packed full of great tips and clearly laid out processes to follow. It gave me lots of ideas, and “take-away” thoughts. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone in business not just entrepreneurs!

Happy Marketing!