The World’s Largest Work of Art starts at Broadway Plaza, Birmingham

The first piece of the largest work of art, The Connection Worldwide, is to be placed at Broadway Plaza in Birmingham. The official unveiling of the mini-installation will be on Thursday, 14th October. The art is the vision of its creator, modern sculptor Luke Burton, who wants to spread the message of hope that everyone, wherever they live and whatever their race, gender or nationality are part of one human race. The Connection pieces will continue to be placed in every country, connecting the world together through art.

Luke’s vision for this piece had stood the test of time. “With the enormous difficulties faced by individuals and by businesses recently, it feels wonderful to be going ahead after many months of covid-related delays” says Luke, “The global pandemic has brought people and communities together in new ways that we have learned to cherish. We are the building blocks of the future. Each brick represents an individual, a struggle, an achievement, a bond, a contribution, a connection. Human resilience and the fellowship celebrated through The Connection seems more relevant in 2021 than ever before!”

Natal Chapman, Centre Manager comments “Broadway Plaza are delighted to be the starting point of this fantastic project. We encourage visitors to find out more about the installation and how they can support a local charity. We are excited to be a sponsor and are looking forward to seeing the journey of this project.”

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This iconic sculpture represents the walls and struggles we face in our everyday lives and how leaning on one another as a community helps us stay strong and build each other up. Individuals will be able to be part of this historic artwork by purchasing unique stainless steel bricks engraved with their name and chosen message. Companies will also be invited to sponsor a brick, personalised with their company name and logo. Individuals and sponsors have an option to donate to a charity of their choice. For Broadway Plaza, the charity partners are Cancer Research UK, The Samaritans, Dreams and Wishes, University Hospitals Birmingham and The Charlie Ramsey Research Fund. Once the bricks are all personalised, the final, larger installation will go in its place.

Jayme Shepherd, Relationship Manager at Cancer Research UK, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Luke has decided to attempt such an inspirational challenge to not only raise vital funds for Cancer Research UK but to connect so many people through art. Luke’s fundraising initiative is going to have a significant impact on our work. We can’t thank Luke enough for his support and want to wish him the very best with his fundraising activity in aid of Cancer Research UK”.

Gill Hutchinson, Aardvark Marketing Director will be working alongside Luke on this exciting new project.  People can join us on this inspiring adventure through The Connection website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Let’s Connect!

To join us for the launch at Broadway Plaza on 14th October, please reserve your free Eventbrite ticket here
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