Why are promotional products vital to any marketing strategy?

Promotional Products are seen to be a little like an old marketing tool. Used to get sales and clients by leaving gifts or to be handed out at trade shows. Promotional products are still a vital strategic  promotional marketing tool  to be used in a marketing campaign. In the age of the internet and technology, standing out above your competitors is even more important than before. Anyone can google a company and order from the first company on the list, but if you want good customer retention then an effective promotional product sat on the desk will do more than just a google search.

What do Diamond Branded do?

Diamond Branded are a promotional products company who help with effective strategic promotional marketing. They pride themselves on their customer service and care to ensure their clients are getting high quality promotional products that are used to help increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. They have over a hundred suppliers they can use and are not tied to any particular product partner. Ensuring you get the best price and the best quality.

How can promotional products help you stay fresh in your client’s mind and make more sales?

Clients are not always ready to buy, it could be the new budget has been signed off, or just down to timing. Sometimes it is just getting in front of the right people at the right time. You can’t always plan when that time might be but you can remind them of your business passively through promotional products. The Bamboo 5W Wireless Charger is a great example of a promotional product that sits on your clients desk all day everyday, and it is made from eco friendly materials. Bamboo grows quickly and takes up less space than standard wood from trees so it has a lower footprint.

How can SMEs benefit from eco friendly promotional products?

Promotional products do not need to be expensive, when using promotional products it is always important to understand your audience and cater your promotional products to them. With sustainability being an important corporate message to a lot of consumers nowadays, it is also important to consider using eco friendly alternatives as a staple of your promotional products marketing strategy. Eco friendly promotional products are more important to our world than just the brand’s image. It is thinking about the Earth and how we need to get carbon emissions down.

How can you tell if a promotional product is eco friendly?

There are a lot of products and services that claim to be eco friendly, and promotional products are no exception. It is important to ask the right questions when looking into eco friendly promotional product alternatives. You need to find out why a particular product is better for the environment. Such as if the promotional product is made from recycled materials, you need to establish what materials are used, and can they be recycled again. If you have a wooden promotional product, you want to make sure it is sustainably harvested, you may even want it to be FSC wood.


Our guest blog comes form Diamond Branded, a promotional products company based in Bromsgrove. Their small personable team offer a friendly service with free artwork and design. Diamond  has built a loyal and tight customer base by offering good quality, affordable promotional items, and very competitive pricing.