Keep calm and carry on

Coronavirus, flooding, stock market crash, Flybe collapse, Brexit trade negotiations …

The New Year is less than three months old and already we are facing numerous challenges to our home and working lives.

We probably all know someone who has been affected directly by these issues, whether their home has been flooded, they are having to self-isolate, or facing an uncertain business future if they have significant trade with the EU.

Most of us however have not been directly impacted.  The biggest threat for most of us is in how we and everyone else react to these issues.  We do have a choice.  At home, we can tour our local supermarkets buying enough toilet rolls, packets of pasta and tins of beans to last us to Christmas, or we can maintain our normal shopping habits, giving retailers chance to keep their shelves stocked and ensuring there is enough for everyone.

In our businesses, we can get worried that our customers will stop buying from us, buy less or pay later and take pre-emptive action putting a hold on recruitment, postponing training, slashing the marketing budget and delaying orders and payment to our suppliers.

When we panic,  we turn the risk of a difficult future into reality for people less able to cope than ourselves.  That could be the weekly paid worker who suddenly finds they can’t buy the essential goods their family need or the small business who runs out of cash to pay its staff.

If we choose to panic we become part of the problem, not the solution.

If you want to carry on marketing, but would like to make it work harder, give us a call on 01905 885 285, email us or send us an enquiry. P.S. We are working as normal either with our usual face to face meetings or by conference calls.