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Could your business diversify, innovate or develop a new low carbon product or service?

With the Covid-19 pandemic we are seeing a call to reset the new ‘normal’ to be greener and embrace a low carbon future.  This will require all of us to change our habits, what and how we buy, how we use energy, making more informed decisions along with many other aspects of our lives as well.  This change creates an opportunity for existing and new small and medium sized (SME) businesses to look at diversifying or building their portfolio of products and services to capture part of this market opportunity.

To support SME businesses in Worcestershire the County Council are running 2 free assessment programs which could lead onto 40% contribution capital grant of up to £100,000.  These 2 programs are: Renewable energy generation and Low Carbon Innovation projects with funding coming through the European Regional Development Fund.

The Low Carbon Innovation grant provides 12 hours of tailored advice from either Simon Maycock or Ewan Bent to your business.  Simon and Ewan are experienced business leaders coming from the energy and low carbon market.  The guidance and advice they have and are providing has been invaluable to business owners in helping them shape their ideas and moving them significantly closer to commercialising their concepts.  So much so that many of the businesses helped have requested continued support.

To find out more about the grant, the support programme and how to apply, read more here

In our 5 steps to business survival guide, we refer to innovation and strengthening your competitive advantage. This support program may be the perfect vehicle to help you develop a new product or service.

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