The Connection supports the Charlie Ramsey Research Fund

Luke Burton, the artist behind The Connection project, aims to spread the message of hope that everyone, wherever they live and whatever their race, gender or nationality are part of one human race.

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Each year about 600 children are born in the UK who have a complex heart defect and Charlie Ramsey was one of these children. Before advanced surgery was an option, these children were simply given palliative care at home because there was no treatment. Happily, with funding for more research some of these children can now be offered surgery and the charity Charlie Ramsey Research Fund aims to support more research so that no child born with a complex congenital heart defect cannot be cured. The charity offers hope to families affected by this disease, promoting both research and organ donation.

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“We at the Charlie Ramsey Research Fund are honoured to be partnered with Luke and The Connection, this inspiring project will help us in our quest to relieve sickness for the thousands of babies, children and adults living with complex heart diseases by funding vital research” says Trustee Sandra Ramsey. “Our charity advocates Organ Donation and the importance of saving lives. The support from Luke’s fundraising will enable us to continue our mission to provide life saving Defibrillators to communities and schools. We wish Luke every success in his quest to connect people through his art. “

Individuals and companies can be a part of the Connection by sponsoring a ‘brick’, personalised with their name, message, or a company logo and donate to the Charlie Ramsey charity at the same time. The first installation will be at Broadway Plaza in Birmingham. To take part, visit To find out more about the Charlie Ramsey charity, please visit their website,

Let’s Connect!

Gill Hutchinson, Aardvark Marketing Director will be working alongside Luke on this exciting new project.  People can join us on this inspiring adventure through The Connection website or follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter or LinkedIn.

To join us for the launch at Broadway Plaza on 14th October, please reserve your free Eventbrite ticket here

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Supporting the Charlie Ramsey Research Fund