Aardvark 10th Anniversary hits the headlines

The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce today published an article about us and out 10 year anniversary.
It’s good to reflect on how we’ve grown over the years from offering a virtual marketing director service and market research into full diagnostic assessments and our new Sales Generator programs. Aardvark marketing was founded by Chris Hutchinson with the intention of helping SME’s compete on more equal terms with the ‘big boys’ with marketing. “I wanted to bring SMEs the power of “big brand” marketing. For too long I had seen SMEs fobbed off with fluffy, unaccountable, marketing practises,” said Chris Hutchinson. “It’s too easy to hide behind a mirage of artistically crafted sentences that appear to be aimed at selling your product. At Aardvark we believe in great creativity but we understand that it only delivers sales growth when it is accompanied by robust strategic direction and vision, better marketing planning, implementation, and monitoring to review and refine the processes.”
Companies that work with Aardvark enjoy impressive growth in both sales and profitability from their marketing activity.
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