What’s your genuine passion?

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Are you chomping at the bit from the outset or does it take you several cups of strong coffee to get going? This week I’ve had the privilege to work with 3 businesses, all of whom have been successfully trading for some time, but all of whom have benefited from sitting down and considering what really makes them and their team ‘tick’. As a business grows there are often chance changes of direction and focus. Considering whether the core values and vision you had at the outset are still relevant today is important to keep everyone fresh and motivated to achieve greater things. After all, if the MD is struggling, you can understand the negative effects this inevitably has on the team. It’s always important to remain focused on your ‘why’.
Business coaches call this the Organisation Core Purpose. The aim of the session is to reflect on what really motivates us to work harder and smarter to deliver real, valuable differences to our customers. I’m not just talking about tangibles here. One MD, whose team were in a very competitive and price sensitive marketplace recently told me that working with Aardvark had transformed the feel of their business, that the staff now had a feeling of ‘hope’ about them. This may seem a long way from sales and marketing strategies but implementing change had transformed the way his staff responded to the very real challenges they faced.
Some well-known core purpose statements are Disney’s “To make people happy” or Nike’s “To experience the emotion of competition, winning, and crushing competitors”. Notice how they are not bound by short termism. The products and services we make and deliver may change over time as technological, political, economic and social conditions change but the core purpose remains relevant amidst all those changes. It’s like the lettering that runs through a stick of sweet rock – cut into any section and the words are still legible.
So, here are some ‘checklist’ questions for your core purpose

  •     Does this still inspire me?
  •     Does it inspire my team and would it resonate with them (or would it be greeted with cynicism?)
  •     Is this authentic for my business (or does it simply look good on paper?)
  •     Does this allow the team to think expansively and consider innovative ways of working?
  •     Does our core purpose help us to decide which opportunities are worthwhile pursuing and which should be ignored?
  •     Finally, how would you feel if you described your work in terms of your core purpose to your family, friends and wider social circle?

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Happy marketing!