5 thought provoking questions about sales

I have just got back from a fantastic day at the Sandler UK Client Summit near Oxford. Lots of great speakers, exhibitors and attendees made for a very valuable, thought provoking day.
The first speaker, Dave Mattson (Sandler Worldwide CEO) made a presentation titled “Your pipeline – how to fill it and distill it” during which he asked 5 questions of the audience, which I wanted to share with you because I think they are really great questions:
How many qualified on-profile prospects do you need in your sales pipline every month to hit your business goals?
Where do you get your prospects from and how many do you actually get every month?
If there is a gap between what you need and what your prospect sources are delivering, what are you doing to close that gap and how well is it working?
When you think you are about to lose a deal, what do you do to make sure you close it?
What would happen if you did this (the answer to no.4) with every prospect?
Hopefully you’ve got good answers to all these questions and they come easily to you, but maybe like many of us in the room one or two of them were harder to answer or the answers were a bit uncomfortable.
If it’s the latter, you might want to look up your nearest Sandler sales trainer, or let me know and I can put them in touch with you – don’t worry they will be gentle with you and won’t sell you anything you don’t really want!