2DAY- good cross-selling?

If you listen to BBC radio or use the BBC website, chances are you will have seen or heard some publicity for the 2DAY on 10th May. If you haven’t, it’s a repeat of an event they ran last year where they completely change the radio 2 schedule for the day, giving listeners a taste of all the presenters and shows that they air, along with some special artist performances.
Assuming most listeners tune in for specific regular shows, I think it’s a great way to cross-sell and introduce the audience to some of the other presenters and shows they may never have tried.
Many business owners have similar challenges – customers who buy one or two products or services, but nothing else from the range on offer. Sometimes it’s an awareness issue – they just don’t know what the business offers, other times it may be that they’ve got into a habit of buying from other suppliers.
We worked with a printer a few years ago that had exactly this challenge. The business owner knew that some of his customers were buying other print items that he could supply from other printers, often because they didn’t know he could offer them.
To address this, we developed a simple and inexpensive mechanic – all orders he sends out now include a ‘thank you for your business’ card, which on the reverse lists the full range of products he can offer. At the very moment when his customers probably feel best about his business (when they receive their beautifully printed materials) he gently points out all the other things he could do for them. It’s been a great success and many of his customers now buy a wider range of items.
magic matrix cross selling tool
If you can cross-sell to existing customers it’s almost certainly a lower cost way to grow your business. If you aren’t sure how big an opportunity this is for your business, you could try using the ‘Magic Matrix’ tool .