Techniques for marketing research with varied groups

Everyone your business comes into contact with holds valuable information that could make your business better. We know which groups to listen to, when, and what marketing research techniques to use.

The most important audience is usually Customers – see our dedicated section on customer market research. And find out more about the market research methods we use.

We can also find out the views of your:

The people who actually use or consume your products/services may buy them from your customers, not direct from you. Discussion groups can give qualitative information about what your end users think and feel.

Gathering employee feedback can make staff feel more valued and provide valuable information on how to improve business performance. Surveys and small focus groups work well with this audience.

An independent study of competitors’ businesses, products and services can provide valuable industry insight.

Suppliers are often overlooked as a source of valuable information. They may know competitors or have interesting knowledge of other industries.

In some instances, investors also have useful insights. Their views and opinions can add value to wider industry market research.

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