Actionable Information from Market Research

Whatever you need to know about your business, we find it out. What do your customers really think? Why do they buy from you? What would make them buy more? Are there gaps in the market you could fill? What are your competitors doing? All our market research methods give you hard information that can make a real difference.

Research is what we do – insight is what you get. Insight that enables you to make good strategic decisions based on solid understanding.

Research now helps you reduce risk later by ensuring your proposition, advertising or marketing claims are right from the start.

We apply the market research methods that prompt the maximum number of responses from your target audience. That could include a survey or market research questionnaire, phone or face-to-face interviews, or focus groups.

Our surveys average a response rate of over 33%. The industry average can be as low as 2%.

Our most common assignments are customer-focused market research questionnaires via email or post. These reveal a great deal of valuable information for a very modest investment. Primary market research doesn’t have to be expensive – surveys start from just £1 per contact.

We conduct your research, analyse the findings and use these to suggest actions that will have a real impact on your bottom line.

Read more about surveys, customers, audiences and research methods here

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“Confident and intelligent solution mapped around my business Aardvark have been a very good choice for my business. Aardvark are a company which confidently and professionally analysed the situation my business was in and put together and managed an analysis of my customers that was sensitive and delivered the answers that I needed to make the next steps. Thank you. “ Richard Fraser,Director at Your Finance Friend & Planet Leasing