Choosing the right method of market research

We determine which market research method will generate the maximum number of responses from your audience. The choice of method is also based on what you want to learn and your budget.

We also carefully devise the format and questions according to what you will use the research for. For example, is it to improve internal processes, to aid new product development or to use as publicity content?

Our consultants and trusted suppliers are skilled providers of:


Surveys/market research questionnaires

These are excellent for collecting quantitative data – figures and percentages, such as X% of customers think Y.


Face-to-face and phone interviews are the most common market research methods. Our interviewers are able to respond to the information provided and probe for more valuable and useful details where appropriate. Phone interviews can be conducted quickly and are very cost-effective.

Focus groups

We invite a small number of the target audience to market research meetings. These have a carefully designed structure to keep the conversation ‘on track’. We also provide an experienced and impartial moderator to lead the discussion. Focus groups are the most effective way of gathering qualitative findings – getting behind the facts to the comments and feelings of respondents.

In Aardvark-conducted research, respondents are usually more open, honest and forthcoming because we are independent.

All our research is carried out in a professional and ethical manner, following the Market Research Society’s code of conduct.

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