Customer Survey, what market research tells you

Business success relies on knowing what your customers think about you, and using that information to your advantage. Our market research surveys help you understand what your customers like and what you could be doing better.

Here are the key benefits our research gives you:

  • Asking for feedback makes your customers feel important and reminds them what your business is good at
  • If your customers feel appreciated and like what you do, retaining them is easier
  • Retaining customers costs on average only one sixth of the cost of winning a new customer
  • If a customer is disappointed, finding out why will give you a second chance to delight them
  • The reasons why your existing customers buy from you are the same reasons why your future customers will
  • If you find out those reasons you can use them in communications to attract new customers
  • Requesting feedback makes it easy for customers to give testimonials
  • Testimonials give you added credibility in the eyes of potential customers
  • Tracking feedback over time shows how your business performance is improving
  • Contacting customers for feedback can remind them to make another purchase.

Our most popular method for customer feedback is the online market research questionnaire.

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