Why use marketing automation?

Marketing automation can dramatically increase the effectiveness and efficiency of finding, nurturing and converting customers. It allows companies that have a good marketing process to streamline it and improve time-intensive activities.

One of the really powerful tools available is web tracking, thereby enabling us to successfully populate our marketing pipeline, with interested, on-profile suspects.

Nurturing each individual lead one at a time isn’t realistic for most SME companies, and takes a huge amount of time for the ones that do. Marketing automation’s strength is that by segmenting leads based on interests and stage in the buying cycle, you can have a one to one conversation… with thousands of people at once. With lead tracking software you can then automatically monitor the progression of your leads along your sales pipeline, so that you can see exactly where all your leads are and what they are doing.

The benefits of automating marketing include

  • increased sales
  • increased lead generation
  • improved lead nurturing
  • improved marketing productivity
  • improved quality of leads generated
  • better measurement of marketing performance
  • better integration between sales and marketing processes
  • shortened sales cycle

Just remember that once you have cultivated all these fantastic opportunities, to keep them as your customers you need a good, robust CRM system.

Budget and strategy can be intimidating when considering adopting marketing automation, but they don’t have to be. High quality marketing automation is available at prices even very small companies can afford, and we can offer guidance and support when it comes to implementing marketing automation strategy.

Companies who have benefited from Aardvark’s advice range from start-up ventures to international companies with multi-million pound turnovers.

If you would like to talk to us about affordable and user friendly marketing automation, please contact us.

It was refreshing to find an advisor who both listened to us and was able to show us how to build intelligently on what we were already doing – without requiring us to start again from scratch!

Jonathan Campbell – Director, Accentika Internet