Case Study: TLA Business Services

tla business services

Outsourced service takes away all your headaches

My whole training has been in numbers and business planning and the one thing that all accountants are bad at – it’s a bit of an alien world to us – is marketing. The thing that I really appreciate about Aardvark is that the decision making isn’t taken away from us, because we are involved in all the discussions in our regular meetings, but I’m talking to someone who actually understands the answers that are going to take us forward in our journey. Lots of clients of ours ask us for advice in all sorts of ways – IFA’s tax planners and so on – we always have ‘go to’ people, on the marketing side absolutely it would be Aardvark.
Mike Tombs, Owner, TLA Business Services


The business owner at TLA, Mike Tombs, has long experience of accountancy and business planning at senior level in multi-national companies. A few years ago, he set up his own business as part of an accountancy franchise. The majority of his clients approached him for compliance work – setting up a business, business and personal tax, VAT and statutory accounts and he found that he wanted to do more coaching with ambitious owners, helping them to scale up their business. As a result of this decision he exited the franchise and set up an independent practice.


The main challenge was to reposition TLA as business experts rather than just accountancy practitioners and to attract a different client base.

Mike Tombs says “We hired Aardvark Marketing because we wanted to change our service offering from compliance work to more strategic planning work. We realised that we didn’t have the skill set in house that would enable us to attract the sort of clients we wanted.”

The Solution

Devise and implement a new marketing strategy for TLA

Review of website: content, structure, and SEO

Program of regular informational blogs for use on website and social media accounts

Promotion of services through social media and email marketing, including data lists and GDPR compliance

Copywriting of a new TLA e-book about better business management

Monthly analysis reports and review meetings for all activity


View our testimonial video with Mike