Case Study: Ervin Amasteel


A new marketing communication package for Ervin Amasteel

When I joined Ervin it was apparent that our marketing materials and website needed updating and rationalising. Aardvark Marketing have delivered a complex and evolving brief with a healthy mix of humour and professionalism.
Phil Ripley, Commercial Director, Ervin


  • A range of marketing communication materials that better reflect Ervin’s position as a modern market leader
  • A comprehensive suite of communications through all media channels and events
  • Consistent representation across many different countries and languages


Ervin are a leading global manufacturer of steel abrasive shot and grit, used in many industries to clean and prepare surfaces. From their offices in the West Midlands, the commercial team manage their business in Europe and Asia. In early 2011, to support stretching growth ambitions, Ervin asked Aardvark Marketing Consultants to help them build a modern communication package for the business that could work across multiple markets and languages. The initial priority was to create a striking impression at the GIFA trade fair in Germany held in June 2011.


  • Wealth of technical detail which is all important, but needs simplifying to communicate effectively
  • Communication needs to work in multiple countries and be translated into 8 languages
  • Shift the communication focus from Ervin product story to customer applications
  • Diverse range of customers, markets and applications
  • No marketing agency relationships and no dedicated in-house resource
  • Historically low levels of marketing activity and investment
  • International deployment – trade shows, open days

The Solution

Communications package

We agreed a long-term program to review and refine all key elements of the Ervin Amasteel marketing communications mix, setting priorities and objectives.

Due to the impending GIFA 2011 trade show, the first priority was to create an impactful exhibition presence as a vehicle to reconnect with existing customers and meet new prospects from across the globe. This required a completely new exhibition stand with new imagery and props, branded clothing for the sales team and branded merchandise.

The next project was to design and build a new website, fully translated into 7 foreign languages with new content, supporting imagery and videos.

A completely new set of literature has been created in all 8 languages, building on the graphic style and structure of the website. New formats were developed for communicating the complex technical data and branded templates created for use with local press releases, case studies and technical bulletins.

A 150 slide multi-lingual company presentation has been completed to enable the sales team to deliver customised, but technically accurate information to customers and prospects across Europe and Asia.

Communication style

A key element in the new communications has been the increased use of visual imagery and animations to:

  • Capture readers’ attention with relevant images
  • Demonstrate superior production techniques
  • Bring to life the competitive advantages of the Ervin product and service
  • Simplify communication of technical details.

The overall style has evolved into a clean and bright look that gives the business a contemporary feel and reflects the product performance.

The imagery, tone and content has been carefully selected to demonstrate confidence and market leadership.

Expert Support – sourced and managed

In the development of the new range of marketing communications, we introduced specialist marketing companies and then project managed them to deliver:

  • Exhibition stand design, build & liaison with show organiser
  • Videos – including aerial and CGI
  • Graphic design and animation
  • Branded merchandise – clothing, gifts and flags
  • Web design and build
  • Technical translation services

Project Management

The sales and management team at Ervin are based in multiple locations and marketing activity tends to be a low priority until there is an imminent deadline. To get the communication design and content right and meet internal and external timing requirements, we instigated and led a robust project management methodology, balancing ambition and pragmatism. In this role, we also coordinated the work of the other specialist marketing companies.

Our sales team now have a range of marketing materials that present a very wide range of products and applications in a simple and effective format.
Paul Abram, Head of Technical Services, Europe, Ervin


The website, trade show stands and new suite of documentation has provided a vastly improved platform to enable sales activity through the growing multi-national Ervin Amasteel sales team. The initial response from the sales team, customers and prospects has been very positive.

In particular, the modernised corporate style carried through on to the GIFA 2015 stand in terms of stand design, imagery & video content represented a very visible step change in the brand image. Numerous positive comments were received during the show from customers and senior international management. Whilst is always a challenge to quantify the results of exhibitions, GIFA significantly exceeded expectations within Ervin.