The power of WHY

In a recent blog, I was describing how children go through that phase where they keep asking “why?” – it seems like they are combining their natural curiosity with a question that keeps our attention firmly focussed on them.
In marketing and sales “why” is a very powerful tool too. Whether we are directly answering the question “What do you / your business do?”, or pre-empting it with a piece of communication, it is all too easy to fall into the trap of providing a rational answer that does focus on what we do and even how we do it.
This is all important information, or it could be – if we can get the reader or questioner sufficiently interested. If we don’t engage them quickly, then all the rational arguments in the world are worthless.
Engagement requires emotional connection and this is where “Why” comes in. Why do people buy from you? Why do you do what you do? – the answers to these questions are far more likely to resonate with your audience than any amount of well-reasoned what and how.
To really make these statements emotionally powerful, use emotional words. For example:
Many of our clients buy from us because they are frustrated by …
I started my business to help business owners achieve their dreams of …
The emotions you express are far more likely to connect with your audience and engage their interest. Then they will want to know what you do and how you do it.
If you aren’t sure why why people buy from you, there’s an easy solution – just ask them! Most will be flattered by your interest and only too happy to tell you, and remember that the reasons your current customers buy from you are probably the reasons prospects will buy from you. Also, their words are more likely to appeal to other people like them than any carefully crafted communications we can come up with.