If a picture paints a thousand words …

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On the left is a photo I took with my iPhone.  On the right is the same subject photographed by Bjorn Ewers, a professional photographer based in Berlin.  I think my photo is OK, but his definitely has more ‘wow’.

This week I have been in Germany with Bjorn at three photo shoots for one of my clients.  Monday and Wednesday were spent in their factories and Thursday in the studio.  It’s an expensive exercise for the client, a great deal of consideration was given to the decision and a lot of time has been spent planning the three days with the factories and the photographer to get the best possible result.

The previous week my daughter who is a musician had some photos taken at a local studio for her website and the photographer produced some great images that will really enhance the web pages.

I have already seen some of the unedited shots from this week and they are fantastic.  A good photographer can look at something we see every day and know that with the right lighting, angles and zoom it can look really special.

Great pictures have the power to grab our attention, engage us, make us curious and in a world where there is so much fighting for the attention of the people we want to reach this is a vitally important tool.

It can be tempting to buy a low-cost library image or take out your smartphone and snap away, and there are occasions when this is completely justified.  But when you need an image to stand out from the crowd, communicate more powerfully than words alone can manage, and stand the test of time, it’s well worth talking to a professional.