So much more than just chocolate

So Easter is upon us once again and the shops have been full of chocolate eggs, rabbits and chickens for weeks it seems.
I remember as a child one of my relatives (no names to avoid embarrassment) didn’t buy me or my cousins Easter eggs, but gave us large bars of chocolate instead; explaining that this was much better value. Of course she was absolutely right – on a pence per gram of chocolate basis, Easter eggs must be about the most expensive way to buy chocolate.
But of course, that’s not what it’s about is it? Even if the chocolate bar had 50% more chocolate in it than the equivalent egg, it just doesn’t feel the same. The whole experience of receiving an Easter egg is completely different – there’s the sheer size of the box, the visual appearance of the egg (often wrapped in lurid coloured foil), the mystery of what (if anything) is inside or underneath the egg, the fun of opening it and unwrapping it and even the eating experience is somehow different.
There is also the occasion itself, whether you sit round and exchange eggs or organise an Easter egg hunt for children (of all ages). Handing over an everyday bar of chocolate, no matter how big and good value, just doesn’t compete.
What is happening is an emotional experience from the choosing to giving and from anticipating to receiving. The cost per gram of chocolate doesn’t really matter.
All businesses can learn from the chocolate manufacturers in our own pricing strategies; if we can attach emotional value to our products and services, the price becomes less important and maybe doesn’t matter at all.
Have a great Easter,