Genuine communication in a virtual world

As marketers in today’s virtual world it can be all too easy to get swept away into the virtual sea of online communication.

Don’t get me wrong, online marketing is brilliant, creating relationships with our clients through social media is important. But, we must remember that it is still no substitute for reality. I would always remember the company that gave me a cake and indeed would tell my friends. A picture of a cake on a company’s social media feed might make me smile, might make me hit “like” but there the engagement would stop.

As marketers our job is about building relationships. We have moved away from simply shouting out to the world that our product is the best and have moved towards engaging our customers in conversation so that we remain in their minds. There are many forms of media available these days, and as our technology expands I’m sure there will be new ones becoming available. To a certain extent we have to select the media that our customers are most happy with, after all we want to make it easy from them to engage with us. However with the diversity of choice available we sometimes forget one of the oldest forms of interaction – the letter.

A handwritten letter inspires emotions in a way that updating a Facebook status cannot hope to touch. Don’t be fooled into thinking that we have gone past the age of the letter. A letter represents the time and thought that has gone into it. Cake, of course, would top everything, but a handwritten letter would stay in my mind long after the cake had gone.

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Happy marketing!