How big will your seedlings grow?

Easter is essentially a celebration of hope. The start of spring, the rising sap, the gently breaking buds on the trees, the watery sun beginning to warm up. Hope gets us through the winter and our hope is fulfilled as spring appears.

Many businesses started with hope and faith and a tiny seedling. They often start with flashes of inspiration, or sleepy late-night revelations. But seedlings do not grow with hope alone, they require soil, water and sunlight. Businesses too can flounder if they lack the necessary support and structure. Hope alone does not make your business thrive.

Planning is a good place to start with your business and seedling. Regular watering is vital to good growth, you do not want the soil to alternate between barren dryness and overwhelming flood conditions. In the same way your marketing needs to be regular to ensure a good flow of prospects, so that you are neither desperate for customers, nor drowning under an excessive workload.

Customers are like sunlight. You need to be able to see them and they you, to achieve growth. Where are you in relation to your competitors? Are you struggling for sunlight under the canopy of their leaves? Or have you managed to secure a spot in the market with good access to sunlight?

Soil is where your roots are. This is your foundation, this is what you are building on. Make sure your soil is robust and fertile. Make sure your business is built with a good team. A good team will allow your business to thrive, bad people will pull you down.

So remember all ideas start with small seedlings and all seedlings have the capacity for growth. They just need the right conditions.

Happy Easter and happy marketing!