Our latest Customer Survey

Respondents – there were a mixture of ‘old ‘ and ‘new’ clients with 41% working in their first year with us or worked on a specific market research project, 33% clients for 1 – 2 years and 26% of respondents were clients for more than 3 years.

The whole team were proud of what our clients said about us; it is as important to us to be recognised not only for our professionalism but for our friendliness and willingness to help you. We pride ourselves on being an integral part of your business team and want to contribute towards your success.


Customer views – Why would you recommend Aardvark Marketing Consultants?

“They are professional and focused and that gives me credibility”

“Work with Gill helped us to voice what was going on in our heads and she could then direct us and advise us on the best way forward. It did help us market wisely and not just throw money into everything and anything”

“Ability to understand our business quickly and add value to strategy”

“Practical. Good value. Prompt. Thoughtful”

“Aardvark offers an excellent and personalised service, backed up by in depth knowledge of marketing strategies and skills”

“They are professional, knowledgeable and very helpful”

“Expert knowledge and being able to implement it in the right manner for the organisation they are working with”

“Helpful, friendly and above all knowledgeable”

“A marketing company that has large corporate experience that can bring it to the little guys”

“Because they are knowledgeable, personable and inspire confidence in their abilities when you deal with them”

“They first undertook to understand my business and the following advice on marketing the business was therefore targeted to our needs”

“They have managed to advise us on how to use effectively a small marketing budget to promote our business”

“Nice people to work with who have made a very definite attempt to get “inside” our business”

Customer views -What do Aardvark Marketing Consultants do well?

“Strategic marketing plans. Chivvying up! ”

“They are approachable people that you can communicate easily with”

“They are rooted in understanding their clients’ businesses and work on evidence based marketing plans founded on research and thought”

“New adverts were creative and positive ”

“Listen ”

“Help us to clarify our proposition and keep us “on brand“ ”

“Simplicity. Commercial focus. Customer service”

“Think of things we haven’t”

“Listen to what it is that you want them to do and deliver on that. Provide prompt service”

“Strategic marketing, general overview/direction, annual marketing plans. Very personable and good to deal with”

“Targeted marketing advice”

“They’re good at conducting surveys and presenting the results in a clear, useful format”

“Marketing strategy ”

“Everything they do for us”

“Create marketing strategy”

“Take my marketing headache away”

“Everything has been of high quality”

We are always looking to improve our services and welcomed the comments and suggestions we received.


If you’d like to improve your own customer knowledge, please contact us for a confidential discussion.